Answers to frequently asked questions about
Firestone Capital Management and our services.

  • Q:What does ‘fee-only’ mean? Why is it important?
  • Q:What’s the difference between an Investment Advisor and a Broker?
  • Q:What does ‘fiduciary responsibility’ mean?
  • Q:What kinds of clients do you accept?
  • Q:Who will I work with once I become a client?
  • Q:How regularly will you review my portfolio? How often will we meet?
  • Q:Will you have discretionary authority over my accounts? Will you contact me prior to making any trades?
  • Q:If I have a 401k account or other accounts with third parties, can you incorporate them in my plan and allocation?
  • Q:Do you invest in hedge funds or other illiquid assets?
  • Q:Will I be placed into a model portfolio?
  • Q:Do you have a minimum account size?
  • Q:Where will Firestone Capital hold my assets?
  • Q:Are you affiliated with any banks or broker dealers?
  • Q:Do you have in-house accountants, attorneys, or insurance specialists?
  • Q:What’s my next step if I want to explore a relationship with Firestone?
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